Moody Desktop

Moody Desktop 1.23

Keep your desktop interesting


  • No installation needed
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn't come with its own images
  • No way to specify multiple folders, so you may need to create one especially

Many of us spend so much time on the computer that's its easy to get bored with your wallpaper. When changing it once or twice a year isn't enough to keep the boredom at bay, you might want to look at this little application that ensures your desktop stays as fresh as a daisy.

Moody Desktop is a small application that automatically changes your desktop wallpaper at a specified time. You chose the folder where the wallpaper images are kept and Moody Desktop will automatically retrieve these images and apply them as wallpaper. They can be BMP or JPG files, and the program will retrieve them either in order of name or shuffled. The window can minimized to the taskbar where it can be controlled by right-clicking the icon, and you can also set Moody Desktop to run on start-up.

Setting the frequency with which Moody Desktop changes your wallpaper is easy - you simply specify in minutes. So, for instance, if you want a different wallpaper every hour, you would chose 1 hour and 0 minutes from the drop-down menus. You can also clear all the settings, or fast forward to the next image in the series if you don't like the current one. Obviously you'll have to do a bit of image management in the folder Moody Desktop gets its images from, as you're not necessarily going to want all the images you own as wallpaper!

Moody Desktop is the perfect way to spice up your computer.

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Moody Desktop


Moody Desktop 1.23

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  • by Anonymous

    It works, is simple, and works for years when others eventually fail..
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